This is my second video with the very talented Michael Sarno (AKA BFD Gold) called #Changes2021. Mike felt compelled to write this song and came to me with the video idea after seeing the turmoil our country went through in 2020. This video is a call for change and unity for all Americans who need to put their differences aside and come together for the good of our nation!

Fire in the Hole Patreon Trailer

We at the Fire in the Hole Podcast are fortunate enough to have a small but insanely loyal following called The Firing Squad, the core members of that fan base that are more like a family are our supporters on Patreon. They pay each month to help us continue to do the podcast while Jimmy & I each work full-time. This is the trailer to our Patreon page when someone first sees the pandemonium they’re about to sign up for.